Pause Button

Well, ABBA, their plans are New Hampshire, the next stop on the campaign trail. It’s often hard to watch, seems like a circus show to me. I have longings for America. I know You love the people of America; Your birthed this Nation, I am so sorry for the deterioration. Please forgive us and please restore us. Hillary. I know You love her. I know you desire for her to repent. I also know that her sins, her lies, her unlawful deeds are not hidden from You. Your Word teaches and I believe You that even if she escapes the orange jumpsuit and handcuffs on this planet, (You know I long and even pray to see her apprehended) she will appear before You as Judge; that You are always just and no unrepentant sinner goes without meeting You as Judge, Not Hillary, not Obama, not Sanders; not any of us. You have taught us in Your Word that our sins will surely be found out and the wage will be paid. Your Word has taught us that Laws and Governments are set in place to apprehend the unlawful; yet we have seen repeatedly that Laws are not enforced and Governments become corrupt. Thank You that will not always stand. Thank You that none of us will get by with our sins. Election day is set for certain months away; if You do not return for us, YESHUA, I pray there will indeed be an Election. Truth is I really wanted to see Mike Huckabee win the Presidency but that’s not to be so not my will but Your Will be done. The field is narrowed now but the vying continues.  Honestly, I fear there are not enough people left in America that love Your Word and the Constitution enough to stand up and elect the best one for the job. I want so much to be wrong. Please work in hearts and raise up people with courage; courage to believe You, courage to vote for the undoing of those who think they know better than You what is right and good. I pray for We the People to have the courage to love America back to Your Way. The GOP, the Dems, certainly not the Socialists, no political party apart from You have the cure for this mess we have made. The rhetoric. I get so tired of it. Speeches, promises and we are suppose to believe them? Who can we really believe but You?! You have a path to restoration for America. I know by their very own testimonies, the Dems, the Socialists do not know that Path; I’m not even confident the GOP knows that path, at least not many of them. I believe You have a pause button. I know what You have said in Your Word the end will come but I really don’t want it to happen on our watch. I pray You will intervene, raise up enough people that You can press that Pause Button and give America more time to repent. You told Abraham that You would spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were just 10 righteous people there so I am asking You to spare America. I am asking You to set aside Hillary, Obama, Sanders or any other campaigner that does not revere You and the Constitution of the United States of America. We sing GOD bless America and You have for centuries; help us now to bless YOU.  Thank You ABBA.  Amen and amen.



A Kat can be silent only so long!

I can think of only two kinds of people who advocate Socialism.
1.Those who know the workings of Socialism and are or think they will be in a position to dictate those workings. Bernie Sanders is a self-described Socialist. Perhaps he envisions himself here.
2. Those who think they know the workings of Socialism and who have an entitlement mentality; they want some to take care of them.  Perhaps his supporters fit here.  
Additionally disturbing: I see the Democratic Party as frighteningly close to becoming a Socialist Party. And quite frankly the Republican Party gives me great cause for concern as well; but thankfully not plunging headlong into Socialism. 
Here. Read the testimony of one living under Socialism. 
For the entire page where this excerpt was found, click here 
Now consider the living conditions of these Countries, which one of these Socialist Countries do you want to call Home?
This is a combined map of all countries that declared themselves socialist states under any definition, at some point in their history, color-coded for the number of years they claimed they were socialist:
  Over 70 years
  60–70 years
  50–60 years
  40–50 years
  30–40 years
  20–30 years
  Under 20 years
Get the picture? 

Follow Up to Hillary Wonderings

October 7, 2015, my post was Extremists; I was wondering why Hillary hates the NRA. If you missed the post or perhaps would like to review it again. Click HERE.

And today I found this on my Facebook feed.  Interesting. Could this be why?
I have also been reading the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence today. It made me cry.

I would like to ask our 56 Framers to forgive us for what we have done to this Nation.
The closing sentence of the Declaration right before their signatures reads this way:
“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
And so they did.

If you would like more authentic American History visit Wall Builders. David Barton is my Go To Guy for the truth about our History.

Posting Even for One ~ ~ ~ Kat


Shouldn’t one of these pull to the front?
Shouldn’t one pulled to the front and win?
Which one?
Would You tell me who?
And please, please stop H and S and the others – please, please expose them for who they are. The GOP and the Dems.

Please forgive America. I say that — yet this is still a good Country, right? We still have good being done, right? But even I see evil. Lots of it. Mean, evil, perverted people with minds that think to do evil continually. I am sorry. I don’t like it. Its scares me. I want to see it change but it hasn’t. Will it? What can I do? What can one little me do?

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