Pastor in Chief – Not!

I recall in recent months hearing we are not electing a Pastor in Chief. I would be thrilled to have a Commander in Chief who doubled as a Christian Pastor in Chief but truth be told we cannot elect a Pastor in Chief in this country I think because there are not enough Disciples of JESUS to vote and elect one. And at this stage of the process there is no candidate who is able to answer that job description. So what’s a Christian American voter do in November? Let me be blunt if you are going to vote for Hillary or Sanders, I’d rather you stay home on voting day. If you find it so very distasteful to vote for Trump may I remind you of something? We are not electing a Pastor in Chief – we gave away that opportunity MANY decades ago. So what do we do in 2016 with what we have? We think. We reason. There is not enough of that going on in America these days but I’m hoping for a comeback. Since Trump is not Pastor in Chief material; and since Trump is not a pristine example of holy living (who of us is?), lets do a reality check.
America needs a revival of its free enterprise system. It’s the only way to build the economy, industry, and employment. Neither Hillary or Sanders will promote this; in fact they will do every thing they can to hinder this with more regulations, more controls, more taxes, more nanny state mentality. Have you not heard their promises? Do you think THEY will pay for those promises with THEIR incomes? Here’s a fact: nothing in this life is free, there is always a benefactor!
Second. The Supreme Court over the next 4 to 8 years may have 4 to 5 vacancies. Neither Hillary or Sanders will appoint Supporters of the Constitution. Four or 5 appointees to the Supreme Court by Hillary or Sanders will ensure unconstitutional laws being forced upon the States rather than Constitutional Opinions for the next what 50 years?
Is this what you want? Are not these two reasons alone enough to get you to the polls in favor of Trump? Do I like every thing he says or does? Do I think he will make a model President? No and no. Am I confident that he is our best shot at recovery that we have going at the moment? Absolutely! Did I wrestle with this decision? Oh yes! Am I finally a Christian at peace with casting a vote for Donald Trump? Gratefully I am. Peace is a priority for me and if you know me well, if you have prayed with me, if you have witnessed my life first-hand for a decade or so then you are confident of that; and perhaps you will give my opinion here some consideration.
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Broadcasting Even to One

I have something here that I want to spread around; I realize my reading audience is limited but like the title says: Even For One.

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Just so you know, Donald Trump has not only inspired a rift among political conservatives. He’s inspired one among Christians as well. Many high-profile Christian teachers are appalled that so many evangelicals have backed a man of considerable moral failings, especially when he demonstrates very limited understanding of or commitment to the Gospel.
On the surface, it seems so obvious: Ted Cruz is one of us, so why would evangelicals reject him in favor of Donald Trump? And yet many did. The question is so vexing it’s led some – including people I deeply respect like Dr. Michael Brown – to question whether this means God’s judgment is finally coming on our nation for our sustained rebellion against Him.
Then there’s Lance Wallnau. He is not a pastor but leads the Dallas-based Lance Learning Group, which trains Christians for impact-making leadership roles. Wallnau is also a very in-depth theologian, and a strong political conservative very much aligned with both the spiritual and ideological thinking of Ted Cruz.
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Decide before you sit down, for whatever purpose: reading, writing, relaxing, TV viewing, etc., how long you will sit and when the time has expired, get up. 
No more guilt for sitting! J


Just a thought to share: GOD gave mankind 10 Laws and He gave us the right to choose to follow them or not; built into those laws are consequences – pleasant and not pleasant respectively. 

Experience tells me Washington Lawmakers and politicians think they are smarter than GOD. Sad. Isn’t it?