Follow Up to Hillary Wonderings

October 7, 2015, my post was Extremists; I was wondering why Hillary hates the NRA. If you missed the post or perhaps would like to review it again. Click HERE.

And today I found this on my Facebook feed.  Interesting. Could this be why?
I have also been reading the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence today. It made me cry.

I would like to ask our 56 Framers to forgive us for what we have done to this Nation.
The closing sentence of the Declaration right before their signatures reads this way:
“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
And so they did.

If you would like more authentic American History visit Wall Builders. David Barton is my Go To Guy for the truth about our History.

Posting Even for One ~ ~ ~ Kat



Shouldn’t one of these pull to the front?
Shouldn’t one pulled to the front and win?
Which one?
Would You tell me who?
And please, please stop H and S and the others – please, please expose them for who they are. The GOP and the Dems.

Please forgive America. I say that — yet this is still a good Country, right? We still have good being done, right? But even I see evil. Lots of it. Mean, evil, perverted people with minds that think to do evil continually. I am sorry. I don’t like it. Its scares me. I want to see it change but it hasn’t. Will it? What can I do? What can one little me do?

Just Me ~ ~ ~

Praying Out Loud

because I am so frustrated and consumed with the state of America. Only the LORD YESHUA knows how distressed I would be if I watched outlets of liberal media. 

ABBA, this consumes me more than is healthy for me I think. I care. I have intense emotions about things political. I have come to hate, strongly, the things the Democratic Party Platform fondly embraces. I strongly hate any advancement of that evil agenda. I hate the lies, the depravity, the greed, the thirst for absolute power in both parties. I hate the corruption, ABBA, I hate the cover ups. I hate the rampant sin. I hate the violence, the on-purpose igniting and fueling of the flames of racism. I hate the on-purpose blind disregard for You and Your Word. I hate the immoral and unconstitutional rulings of the Supreme Court. I hate the injustice I see in the Court System and society overall. I hate the on-purpose blind debauchery and I hate that there are not more people willing to stand for Your Truth. I hate that our words and actions in things political have become so cowardly. I hate the downward plummet I have seen in my lifetime of this Nation that You birthed for Your glory and for the propagation of Your Gospel to save mankind. I am so sorry, ABBA. I am so sorry I have not been of more benefit to the cause of saving America. All that said, ABBA, I pray for mercy. I pray for grace and space to repent. I pray for You to mess in our business. I pray for truth to come to light and I pray for every soul holding political office from the White House down to be exposed for every illegal, unconstitutional act they have done. I pray You will arrest their behavior. My first desire is they repent and be made whole before You and if they will not repent, I trust Your Justice in Your way and in Your time, here or eternity. I confess, ABBA, I am longing to see the Constitution upheld in this Country, to see it applied without respecter of persons, even to the point that when proven that Hillary and Obama have violated the Law they too would be issued orange jumpsuits and handcuffs. I ask You to forgive us, have mercy and save America from ourselves. I pray for strength and protection from the evil one, and all those who do his bidding, for all who have purposed to live according to Your Word. ABBA, I don’t know how to help America but I want to. I love this Country, and Her People. I want good for We the People and I know that good is found only in You. I love You. I love You for bringing this Nation to be and I really want to see Her restored. I pray You will raise up people who can and will work with You to make America good again. Strong again and worthy of Your Favor. ABBA, there are people in America that love You. There are many many of us I am certain. You told Abraham that You would spare the cities if only 10 righteous were found there; in portion there are surely 10 righteous on these Shores and so I am asking You to save America. To introduce Yourself again to We the People; bring revival to we who love You and empower us to love others and be instruments of Your grace and redemption. I am not asking for mercy without justice or justice without mercy; but for Your perfect and holy balance of the two that will bring repentance to We the People. And, ABBA, I pray to get good at hating what You hate and loving who You love, which is all of us. Thank You, LORD GOD and SAVIOR. Amen and amen for now. 


I’m a little teary-eyed this morning. It started with Starbucks. Let me explain. My Little Girl (she’s 41 and no she won’t mind me giving her age; she’s like her Momma, we are proud of our ages. Anyway) my Little Girl moved away (took my grand-babies with her!) to a place hours away. She stopped at Starbucks this morning on her way to the office (yes on Saturday!) and she posted a pic to Face book of her TWO cups of coffee. I commented: Oh, I wish I was in the land of Hickory (hum along) J
which sent me down memory lane holding hands with today.
Know the song? A song about homesick. A song about memories. A song about family. A song about good times through hardship.  
It purports to have been written by Daniel Decatur Emmett of Mount Vernon, Ohio prior to 1850. And it is said: The song was a favorite of President Abraham Lincoln; he had it played at some of his political rallies and at the announcement of General Robert E. Lee‘s surrender.  [source]  Let me tell you how I think that went down. History bears out that both Lincoln and Lee were men of godly character. That means they cared deeply. That means they were honest. They were good men. And on that day when Lee surrendered Lincoln played this song not to rub defeat in his face but to honor him and give him leave with dignity. 
I can admit Dixieland by some is presented with evil motives, evil hearts, but not all, most likely not by the majority.  You see I picked cotton in the land of cotton; not during the Civil War period of course, but the 1950s and 1960s. My Daddy was a sharecropper (poor white trash if you didn’t take the time to know us.)  It was hard work. It was hot in those fields but it was life then and it was family and so yes I get teary-eyed with a warm smile when I remember. Hard stuff. Unpleasant stuff. Gut wrenching stuff comes to us ALL. And yes some more than others; especially if you live somewhere other than the USA. But we don’t have to cry over it forever. There is a Greater Emancipator. I met Him in 1975. And He freed me from what was and set before me what is and what yet will be! We cannot, we must not pretend to change our history. We had some dark days, dark years back then when Dixieland was sung by Southerns and Northerners.  
We have darker days now. We have political correctness. We have seared hearts. We have chips on our shoulders. We have taken on wounds for which we did not suffer the blows. The Greater Emancipator Who waits and yearns to heal our wounds, take our past and use it to beautify our present and secure our future is insulted, rejected, vilified, legislated against and told to get the h–l out of our lives.  
What are you saying my Hubby just asked as he read the thus far. So let me put it plainly. With our political correctness, our cowardliness, our unforgiveness, our resentments, our entitlement mindedness, our supposed superiority, our inequality propaganda, our murderous deeds, our power-hungry sick government, and our live and let live Churches, we all live in a perpetual state of slavery that is much darker than historic Dixieland. 
So what next? Continue as we are or surrender to the Greater Emancipator so we can live truly free even in the America that now is? 
Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kat