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Nail on the Head


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Even more I’d like for Democrats everywhere to become Trumpocrats.

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War on Poverty

I shared the following on Facebook recently; now I am sharing here. It is my hope to keep this information circulating – people need to know.

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Last night Donald J. Trump laid much blame for the poverty and unrest in our urban communities on the Democrats and what he describes as essentially failed policies. I wanted to know who has been in charge of these communities so I picked a few cities (see below.)
If you watch ON THE RECORD at 7pm, you know I often bring up the fact that LBJ declared “WAR ON POVERTY” in 1965 and the fact that we have not won this war and what a disgrace that so many of our fellow Americans live in poverty. My first 12 years of my career as a lawyer, I worked with very poor people in an urban community – Washington, DC – and I remain distressed that we have not won the WAR ON POVERTY.
I decided to “fact check” Trump and see if he is right that the Democrats have been running these urban areas where poverty is destroying people. Check out my results (and I went back in time to 1965, when LBJ declared WAR ON POVERTY.)
Is it fair to blame those in office? Did they and do they have responsibility for their communities?
See below…and then tell me what YOU think.
PS. I am NOT telling you how to vote or who to vote for – but I am telling you NOT to vote for anyone without new ideas and a new strategy to fight poverty. Whatever we are doing now, and since 1965, is not working for many of our fellow Americans.
And I am not suggesting Trump can solve these problems – you need to decide that for yourself.
1962 – 1970: Jerome Cavanagh (D)
1970 – 1974: Roman Gribbs (D)
1974 – 1994: Coleman A. Young (D)
1994 – 2001: Dennis Archer (D)
2002 – 2008: Kwame Kilpatrick (D)
2008 – 2009: Kenneth Cockrel, Jr. (D)
2009 – 2013: Dave Bing (D)
2013 – present: Mike Duggan (D)
1962 – 1963: Philip H. Goodman (D)
1963 – 1967: Theodore R. McKeldin (R)
1967 – 1971: Thomas J. D’Alesandro III (D)
1971 – 1987: William Donald Schaefer (D)
1987: Clarence H. (Du) Burns (D)
1987 – 1999: Kurt L. Schmoke (D)
1999 – 2007: Martin J. O’Malley (D)
2007 – 2010: Sheila Dixon (D)
2010 – present: Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake (D)
1960 – 1988: Henry W. Maier (D)
1988 – 2004: John Norquist (D)
Jan. 2004 – April 2004 (interim): Marvin Pratt (D)
2004 – present: Tom Barrett (D)
2001 – present: Francis G. Slay (D)
1965 – 1973: Alfonso Cervantes (D)
1973 – 1977: John H. Poelker (D)
1977 – 1981: James F. Conway (D)
1981 – 1993: Vincent C. Schoemehl (D)
1993 – 1997: Freeman Bosley, Jr. (D)
1997 – 2001: Clarence Harmon (D)
2001 – present: Francis G. Slay (D)
1966 – 1973: John Vliet Lindsay (R)
1974 – 1977: Abraham David Beame (D)
1978 – 1989: Edward Koch (D)
1990 – 1993: David Norman Dinkins (D)
1994 – 2001: Rudolph Giuliani (R)
2001 – 2013: Mike Bloomberg (R when elected, later Independent)
2013 – present: Bill De Blasio (D)
1959 – 1976: Richard J. Daley (D)
1977 – 1979: Michael A. Bilandic (D)
1979 – 1983: Jane M. Byrne (D)
1983 – 1987: Harold Washington (D – died in office)
1987 – 1987 (interim): David Orr (D)
1987 – 1989: Eugene Sawyer (D)
1989 – 2011: Richard M. Daley (D)
2011 – present: Rahm Emanuel (D)
1964 – 1968: A. Martin Katz (D)
1968 – 1987: Richard Hatcher (D)
1988 – 1995: Thomas V. Barnes (D)
1995 – 2006: Scott L. King (D when elected; changed to Independent in 2005)
2006 – 2012: Rudolph M. Clay (D)
2011 – present: Karen Freeman-Wilson (D)
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All Democrats, except for four, and poverty levels have escalated; there are more people on government assistance now than when the war on poverty began. 
The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing expecting different results.   
It’s time to put this in perspective. I’ve heard it said all my life the Democratic Party is the poor man’s party. Indeed it is! As long as the Democratic Party can keep people on the welfare rolls it can keep its foot on the neck of the people on those rolls. 
Say NO in the voting booth to this insanity!  
Remember this list when you go to vote! 
War on Poverty!  (January 8, 1964 to present!And you thought the War in Iraq (2003 – 2011) was long! 

Other Reading: Johnson – War on Poverty has failed. 

The War on Poverty 50 years later. Here’s and excerpt: Our aim is not only to relieve the symptom of poverty, but to cure it and, above all, to prevent it. No single piece of legislation, however, is going to suffice.”

– President Lyndon Johnson, 1964 State of the Union Address

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty. Since then, Washington has created dozens of programs and spent trillions of dollars. But few people have stopped to ask, “Are they working?”
In “The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later,” the House Budget Committee majority staff starts to answer that question.
There are at least 92 federal programs designed to help lower-income Americans. For instance, there are dozens of education and job-training programs, 17 different food-aid programs, and over 20 housing programs. The federal government spent $799 billion on these programs in fiscal year 2012.

Marriage Reduces Child Poverty, but Our Welfare System Penalizes Marriage   —  An excerpt: Children in married-parent homes are more than 80 percent less likely to be poor, compared to their peers in single-parent families. Tragically, far too many American children live in single-parent homes. One in four children is born to an unwed mother, and more than half of U.S. teenagers aged 15 to 17 live without married parents.

Three Years and Counting

It has been three years since Bill O’Reilly gave this Talking Points Memo and neither President Obama, or Jackson or Sharpton, to my knowledge, have made one attempt to speak to these issues as addressed herein. 

Three years and escalating because ‘leadership’ refuses to address the root of these problems. Why is that? 
Earlier this week someone I love’s house was broken into. The door was rammed open and property was stolen. You know why? Because two entitlement-minded, rebellious, void of self-respect, corrupted souls decided they would rather steal than earn themselves a television. There is NO excuse for stealing, looting, burning businesses, none of this godless devastation that we see happening in this Country! Color is not the issue. CHARACTER is the issue! Self respecting, honest before GOD people of whatever shade do NOT steal, period! Neither do self-respecting, honest before GOD people make excuses for such behaviors, they find honest, lawful ways to deal with the wrongs in this world!  
Are there people out there black and white who are willing to speak the truth and STOP throwing gasoline (inflammatory words and actions) on this politically birthed and fueled race fire? 
We can start by leaving off the Facebook and Twitter postings of the Never Forget nature. It’s time to forgive and grow out of this hot mess. 
And for crying out loud stop this I don’t see color baloney! Of course I see color. I’m not blind! GOD sees color! He created colors and He did not mess up when He did it! And He thinks ALL skin color is beautiful and each one in that very skin is valued and loved by Him! 
Let us move beyond color to character! Is the character such that you can trust them to do what is right? Yes? Then what more do you need? If they can’t be trusted; if they are dishonest, live like hell, talk like hell, refuse to work, make excuses for their sin or worse yet even deny they are sinners, demand hand-outs rather than position themselves for a hand up – then part company! Move on to someone you can help. 
This will not solve all the problems, but it’s a start!