Turtle Day

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May 23, 2019

Come out of your shell for World Turtle Day

Make way for the green sea turtle, which you’ll find—if you’re lucky—swimming in tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. You’ll notice that despite its name, the green sea turtle’s shell is not green at all. The name comes from the color of its fat, which takes on a greenish hue after the adult turtle starts eating seagrass and algae. Unfortunately, like many other sea turtle species, the green sea turtle is endangered and its population shrinking due to hunting, boat-propeller accidents, plastic pollution, and loss of nesting grounds.

World Turtle Day was established in 2000 to protect turtles and tortoises and their threatened habitats around the world. Conservation efforts are led by several nonprofit organizations such as American Tortoise Rescue, which focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and protection of all turtle species. Since the organization’s inception it’s rescued or rehomed more than 4,000 turtles across the world through a combination of community outreach programs and financial contributions from donors.


Today on Bing

May 22, 2019

The artists come to Venice

Our photo today shows a small part of artist Claudia Fontes’ sculpture called ‘El Problema del Caballo’ (The Horse Problem). The Argentinian artist exhibited the large installation work with smashed pieces of stone surrounding the larger-than-life white horse, as if it had crashed into the exhibition space. The installation was shown in 2017 at the Venice Biennale, where artists from around the globe bring their work to show off at this every-other-year arts and culture festival in the Italian city of Venice. The Biennale is just starting up again this month, and many of the programs and exhibits will be going on through the summer and into fall.

World Art Day!

World Art Day. 
How about that?

I appreciate Art.  
I started painting last year – watercolor, mostly. Am I good at it? Nah. But it’s fun. 

Anyway! Today is World Art Day. That’s what Bing told me. Would you like to take a look? HERE

Dogs Playing Poker. Remember that one? The link above will lead you to more information. 

How many famous painters can you name? Again, the link above will provide names and pics. 

I think I shall go today and have one of my own framed! 🙂



What a neat idea! 

See more HERE.  At Magnolia, Chip and Joanna. Picture and idea from their website.

“Building a mini fire pit is simpler than it sounds. All you’ll need are a few terracotta pots, clean-burning heat fuel cans, (make sure they are safe for food to be directly heated over), and some rocks or pebbles to surround the burner and hold it upright in the pot. These fuel cans burn for about 45 minutes, so you may want to buy a few back-ups if you’re considering roasting marshmallows for a longer period of time.”  source