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June 20, 2019

In celebration of America’s national bird

June 20 is American Eagle Day, a celebration that commemorates the date in 1782 when the bird was added to the Great Seal of the United States, effectively becoming a national symbol. With an olive branch in its right talons and a bundle of 13 arrows in its left (representing the 13 original states in the Union), the eagle is said to represent a strong desire for peace, but readiness for conflict. You’ll likely recognize the Great Seal of the United States from its appearance on passports, flags, official documents, and American currency. The bald eagle, now federally protected, continues to inspire national pride.

Too Cute

to not share.

Today on Bing

June 3, 2019

Oh, happy day!

This baby harbor seal is happily ensconced on a beach on the German island of Düne in the North Sea archipelago of Heligoland. Throngs of seal watchers come here every May and June to watch these cute pups spend their first few weeks of life lolling about the beach.

You know what else was born in June? Bing. Ten years ago today, in fact, Microsoft birthed Bing with a striking picture of a hiker in Denali National Park on our homepage (perhaps suggesting the long climb ahead of us 😊). In a testing phase before the launch of Microsoft’s new search engine, its code name was Kumo. Since its launch on June 3, 2009, there have been 3,651 homepage images (counting leap days) in the US and over a thousand more when you add in the unique pictures that have graced the Bing homepage in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Spain, and the rest of the world. There have been some great photos for sure, but this jolly-looking fellow really captures how tickled we are to be celebrating today. Thanks for visiting. You make it all worthwhile.

Turtle Day

Today on Bing

May 23, 2019

Come out of your shell for World Turtle Day

Make way for the green sea turtle, which you’ll find—if you’re lucky—swimming in tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. You’ll notice that despite its name, the green sea turtle’s shell is not green at all. The name comes from the color of its fat, which takes on a greenish hue after the adult turtle starts eating seagrass and algae. Unfortunately, like many other sea turtle species, the green sea turtle is endangered and its population shrinking due to hunting, boat-propeller accidents, plastic pollution, and loss of nesting grounds.

World Turtle Day was established in 2000 to protect turtles and tortoises and their threatened habitats around the world. Conservation efforts are led by several nonprofit organizations such as American Tortoise Rescue, which focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and protection of all turtle species. Since the organization’s inception it’s rescued or rehomed more than 4,000 turtles across the world through a combination of community outreach programs and financial contributions from donors.

World Art Day!

World Art Day. 
How about that?

I appreciate Art.  
I started painting last year – watercolor, mostly. Am I good at it? Nah. But it’s fun. 

Anyway! Today is World Art Day. That’s what Bing told me. Would you like to take a look? HERE

Dogs Playing Poker. Remember that one? The link above will lead you to more information. 

How many famous painters can you name? Again, the link above will provide names and pics. 

I think I shall go today and have one of my own framed! 🙂