The Elites

I made some notes last night and this morning. May I share? Of course, I can. It’s my blog. . . question is will you read?

Hmmm. Let’s see.
I have canceled my Hallmark TV subscription. I have not seen NCIS or Blue Bloods this year and there is no hole in my soul because of it.
(For now) Gospel music videos and solid preachers of the Gospel abound on YouTube and are keeping me in great company.
So I don’t need pagan Hollywood to ever go back to work.
Although I am looking forward to the Kendrick Brothers getting back to production.
I have not been to a dine-in restaurant since March and surprisingly I’m good with that for the duration of this plandemic and beyond.

I will spare you my take on Sports Professionals except to say certain of them are privileged brats who have yet to open an authentic American History book and learn.

If I had an opportunity to speak to the makers of this COVID 19 plandemic I would say, you miscalculated some of us.
For the carnage, your isolation, lockdowns, mask mandates, and house arrests have caused you will someday be called to the COURT of the JUDGE of the UNIVERSE.
I’d repent now if I were you. Because today HE is still offering grace and forgiveness to ANYONE who will believe and repent.


And the man said if you will please sign the guest book. And one by one six feet apart with their masks strapped to their faces they picked up the same pen one after another and signed on the next line.
And then there was me without a mask and what did I do? I used my own pen. Now, who is the more health-aware?
And yes I used hand sanitizer when I got back to the car.

Let me say it loud and clear MASS MASK wearing is NOT about your HEALTH! It is about YOUR COMPLIANCE with the edicts of those who think they are the Elites.


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