This was just too cute; I just had to borrow it from Bing.

Unbearable cuteness
A photographer happened to catch these brown bear cubs in the act of stealing a boat. Patiently, he watched from afar, snapping photo after photo. Realizing what the cubs were doing, he knew he should document this event. Intent on getting the boat into the water, the cubs worked like they’d done this before. Lighting out onto the lake, the bears seemed to enjoy the ride.

For years, scientists have known that brown bears are unusually intelligent. Observations of tool use in bears are common. Only this was something different—two cubs handling a small fishing boat like old pros. Later, the boat ran aground, and the ursine passengers exited, disappearing back into the forest.

Don’t believe this story? Neither do we. Go back and look at the first letter of every sentence in the first two paragraphs. 


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