Reading Material

It is difficult, if not impossible so far for me to read in solitude; I just have to share it. 

Here’s # One by Bryan Fisher, a guest columnist for One News Now.
‘President’ Pete Buttigieg – the biggest threat to religious liberty in history

And #Two.  If when you are angry, you have difficulty genuinely praying for GOD’s mercy and the falling away of eye scales, please skip this reading.  
United Church of Christ Pastor Backs “Right” to Abortion, Allowing Abortions Up to Birth Darkness; I see it in the eyes.

And Three. European Churches: Vandalized, Defecated On, and Torched “Every Day”  I am not acquainted with Gatestone Institute, nor this writer, nor the validity of the article’s entire content, but it bears reading, I think. 

There’s more out there but this is a start for today.

From Yours Truly ~ ~ ~ Just Because

World Art Day!

World Art Day. 
How about that?

I appreciate Art.  
I started painting last year – watercolor, mostly. Am I good at it? Nah. But it’s fun. 

Anyway! Today is World Art Day. That’s what Bing told me. Would you like to take a look? HERE

Dogs Playing Poker. Remember that one? The link above will lead you to more information. 

How many famous painters can you name? Again, the link above will provide names and pics. 

I think I shall go today and have one of my own framed! 🙂



I’ve been seeing this name lately. Today I heard her voice, saw her beautiful face,  and heard her prediction.  Amen and Amen.

Just Asking

Okay. What’s this and who has tried it? Is it worth the price? Should I try it; if I can find it? 

You may not be familiar with taro, but its root (called a corm) is one of the most popular root vegetables in Asia, South America, and parts of the Pacific Islands. When cooked, its natural sugars give it a sweet, nutty flavor. Nutritionally speaking, taro is one of the finest sources of dietary fibers. One cup of taro sliced and cooked yields nearly 7g of fiber and has less than 1g of sugar—both of which comprise its 46g of total carbohydrates. The slow-digesting complex carbs help to gradually raise your blood sugar levels, giving you longer-lasting energy.
–source for this excerpt–